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Time is TBD


Fair Oaks

In studio workshop: Pick a project

Welcome back! Join me!

In studio workshop: Pick a project
In studio workshop: Pick a project

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Fair Oaks, Illinois Ave, Fair Oaks, CA, USA

About the event

The Creative Sister Workshop: Pick a Project

Saturday, August  6-10ish PM

18+ only please

Please RSVP as "going", reserve your spot and pay by June 22nd. Your project fee payment will hold your spot in the workshop.

WHEN YOU RSVP, BE SURE TO MESSAGE ME WHAT PROJECT YOU WOULD LIKE TO DO. (Please be sure to read through all the event details to the end. Yes, I know there is a lot. Thank you.)

All your project options will be painted with my "Chalked up Paint" and I will supply all the material, stencils and hardware needed to complete your project. (If you keep things simple and speedy, you might be able to squeeze 2 projects in.) *****************************************************************

Please view the project photo examples on my Facebook page in the Events section.




Project 6: RUSTIC STAR

Project 7: “USA” TAGS




ADD ON PROJECT: 9x9 or 11x11

WHEN YOU RSVP, BE SURE TO MESSAGE ME WHICH PROJECT YOU WOULD LIKE TO DO. (Please be sure to read through all the event details to the end. Thank you.)



SIZE: 8x24 "HOME"

Each sign will be made out of new material. On each sign "O" of "HOME" will be replaced with the HOLIDAY Plaque. You will need to select the images that you would like have represent your holidays from the designs offered for each of your plaques. Keep in mind that the more complicated the design of the plaque image the longer it will take to complete.

Project Fee: - 8x24 $

- add a frame $5

- holiday plaque $5 each

- plaques only: minimum of 6 - plaques only along with another project: minimum of 3 *****************************************************************

PROJECT 2: “HOME OF THE FREE” SIZE: 11x14 new wood

The “Home of the free Because of the brave ” will be on new wood.

The basic kit includes the wood material and the necessary stencils.

Project Fee: - 11x14 new wood - $35

- add a frame - $7


PROJECT 3: “WELCOME” FLAG SIZE: 7x24 new wood

The “Welcome” sign will be on new wood.

You may have another word or your family name if you would like for an additional $5. Message me what you would like and I will send you some font options for that word.

Project Fee: $35 - Choose a different word - $5

- add a frame - $7


PROJECT 5: FIREWORKS SIZE: 3 “fireworks”, 4x4x14, 4x4x12, and 4x4x10

The FIREWORKS project is 3 separate “fireworks”.

I will provide stencils for each firework, one to be stars, one to be stripes and the last to have a fireworks design on it.

Project fee: - $40


PROJECT 6: RUSTIC STAR SIZE: 16” diameter or 24” diameter

The RUSTIC STAR is made out of narrow pieces of rustic boards.

You will be painting each of the boards and them assembling your star.

Project fee: - 16” diameter: $25

- 24” diameter: $35

- both: $50



The USA tags will be made from rustic fence boards. You will have three tags to create.

I will provide stencils for one tag to be a star theme, one to be stripes, and one stencil to say "USA".

I have a limited supply of the rustic boards so these are first come first serve.

Project Fee: - $35



I will provide you with a selection of fabrics in red and white, a blue rectangle that will act as your field of stars, a decorative board which all the fabric will be hot glued to and twine to hang the flag with.

Project fee: $40


PROJECT 10: SCRABBLE TILES SIZE: 4.25x5.5 each block, new wood or

6x7 each block, new wood

The SCRABBLE blocks will be done on new pine wood and will measure 4.25x5.5" or 6x7" per block. Be sure to let me know what letters you will need and remember that some letters will be used more than once when they criss cross. The blocks could spell out family names or inspirational words or both. I have had people include special dates in their signs as well.

Project Fee: - 4.25x5.5: $2.50 per block - 6x7: $5 per block


PROJECT 11: FAMILY CELEBRATIONS SIGN SIZE: 5.5x24, 7.25x24 or 9x24 new wood

This project is such a great way to celebrate special days with your friends and family.

You will need to decide how many circle tags you would like, which could represent birth dates, special events, holidays, etc. and how many heart tags you would like, which could represent anniversaries, etc.

Be sure to let me know how many you need when you RSVP. Also let me know if you would like your sign to say "Family Celebrations" or "Family Birthdays".

Your cost for the FAMILY CELEBRATIONS/BIRTHDAYS SIGN will be based partly on how many circle and heart tags you would like. Each project will require a base costing $20, $25 or $30.

The circle tags will cost $7 per 10 tags and the heart tags will cost $1 per tag.

For example, if you want to order 30 circle tags and 1 heart tag with a 5.5" base your total will be $42. $20 for the base, $21 for the circle tags ($7x3), and $1 for the heart tag. I hope this is clear enough.

Please, please ask me if you have any questions!

Project fee recap:  - 5.5x24: $20 per base

- 7.25x24: $25 per base

- 9x24: $30 per base

- $7 per 10 circle tags

- $1 per heart tag


- "Family Celebrations" or "Family Birthdays"

- Family name with established date and saying (only on 9x24) - Custom design: $10 *****************************************************************

ADD ON PROJECT: 9x9 or 11x11 Everyday signs

This is a project that you can do in ADDITION to any of the other projects. It is a simple square sign on new wood with a fun saying on it. Be sure to check out the pictures to see all the saying options. I will provide chalk paint, the necessary stencils, and supplies for you to paint your design.

You may do 2 or more of these if you would like it to be your only project.

- 9x9: $15

- 11x11: $20

- add a frame $5


WHEN YOU RSVP, BE SURE TO MESSAGE ME WHAT PROJECT YOU WOULD LIKE TO DO. Please feel free to send me a message if you have questions about any of this.

There is a maximum of 14 people for this in studio workshop.

Please RSVP as "going", reserve your spot and pay by June 22nd. Your project fee payment will hold your spot in the workshop. Because this is a "one woman show" and I purchase and prep all the materials in advance, the project fee is nonrefundable after June 8th.


HOW TO PAY YOUR PROJECT FEE You can pay through the following: FACEBOOK MESSENGER to me, Katie Alanis (FYI, this is super easy and fee free for both you and me). Message me if you need instructions on how or I can even send you a request for payment.

VENMO, ZELLE, CASH app., OR APPLE PAY: Venmo: @thecreativesister Zelle: Cash: $thecreativesister Apple Pay: 916-342-2025

Paypal: There is an ADDITIONAL $1.50 fee for using PayPal. Please ADD that ADDITIONAL $1.50 to your project fee total.

You are welcome to pay by check through regular mail also. Make the check payable to Katie Alanis. Message me if you need my mailing address. ($25 fee if a check does not clear)

Check out these videos of some of my other workshops that Auntie Tay has filmed and featured on her YouTube channel: Family Birthday Sign: Pallet Clock:

Please feel free to message me if you have any questions. I think this is going to be fun. "See" you soon!

Thanks for checking out The Creative Sister.

Katie Alanis


  • Pick a Project workshop

    Don't forget to purchase your project through my "Shop". This will confirm your spot in the workshop.




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